Warranty and return policy

– The product is warranted for free if it meets the following conditions:
-The product has a technical fault due to the manufacturer
-Will in the warranty period
-Also keep purchase invoices at
Warranty card must be intact, not accept patching, erasing, repairing.
Warranty card full of information: model, serial number, date of manufacture, customer name used, address, date of purchase.

The cases are not covered by the warranty:
– Violation of one of the free warranty conditions in item 1.
-The serial number, product model does not match the warranty card.
-The product does not have the warranty stamp of SMN. Or lose warranty card.
-Customers voluntarily intervene to repair products or repair at warranty centers that are not authorized by the Company.
-The product is damaged due to user error, and defective is not within the scope of manufacturer’s warranty
-No warranty for plastic parts, glass, corrosion … (see details under the attached warranty card)

-The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase or from the date of manufacture depending on the type of product specified on the warranty card and stamp on the product. Warranty period is calculated from the time the product accumulates from activation of electronic warranty (if any).

-According to the regulations of the Company, within 15 days and 1 year Depending on the application of each product (from the date of delivery) if the product has a technical error (hereinafter referred to as the product error) The company does not have enough parts or fixes many times the company will renew 1 for 1 for the same model. Customers wishing to change new products (banging the whole box, raw materials) will be free to renew the same model.
-In case you want to change to a different product (different model), you must be charged 5% of the invoice price of the defective product.
– Only accept to change to another product with the same price or higher price than the defective product (You pay this difference if any).

Product warranty about 2 to 7 days depending on the manufacturer’s policy and depending on its components.

-Please pack the product carefully and send the product to authorized service centers (on warranty card, invoice …) including: Full name, phone number, address, product name product, product error status … for the technical department to easily contact to follow up and return the product.
-You bear shipping costs incurred from you to the warranty center and vice versa.

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