Introduce about the company

Established in 2015 and operating effectively, with many quality product services, staff are well trained, agile and very dedicated at work. The products that Eneck Company offers include:
* Massage machine: This is a product that the Company has distributed and developed very successfully because of the most competitive price and good service quality.
* Electric clubbing machine, beating exercise, health exercise tools
* Seasonal products: Air conditioner, clothes dryer … etc

Business view of the company:
Customers are the fundamental value of any business, also the reason for the business to exist and grow. For us, customers are not only God but also close friends, accompanying us in the development process.
Using the services of the Company Eneck Prestige – Quality – Cheap is the top concern of any family, company or agency. Eneck Company always listens to and understands those needs to provide customers with the best Products – Services.
We respect customers and always strive to develop to best meet the requirements of quality and the trust of customers for the company during the past time.
The company always puts the motto “Fast service – Quality assurance – Reasonable price – attentive after-sales service” on top.
The mission of the company:
To become a company with the best product service and top quality in Vietnam.

Development orientation of the company:
– Always maintain the trust of customers for Eneck Company and develop to improve themselves more and more to best serve customers.
– Commitment to sell genuine products, diversify quality products of firms
– The prices of goods are always competitive in the market
– Fast, safe and convenient delivery for customers.
– Advise customers to choose to buy and how to use them to save costs in the most optimal way.
– Build many attractive promotions to pay tribute to customers.
– With the desire to serve customers more attentively, we are always ready to receive and be grateful for all contributions from customers.

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