delivery and shipping policy

1 / Payment policy
You can freely choose and shop at without worrying about payment problems because we always want to bring you the best shopping experience.
Option 1: Direct payment (the buyer receives the goods at the seller’s address):
+ Step 1: Buyers find out information about the posted products or services.
+ Step 2: Buyers come to the address of Eneck Company to see Product Demo and decide to buy.
+ Step 3: The seller and the buyer agree to the terms of the contract, sign the contract.
+ Step 4: The buyer pays by cash at the place of sale or transfer and receives the goods within the agreed time in the signed contract.
Option 2: Pay later (COD – delivery and collection):
+ Step 1: Buyers find out information about the posted products or services.
+ Step 2: Buyer authenticates the order (phone, SMS, email).
+ Step 3: Seller confirms Buyer information. (Negotiate and sign the contract depending on the needs of the customer)
+ Step 4: Pay the deposit as agreed in the contract (if any).
+ Step 5: The seller delivers the goods.
+ Step 6: The buyer receives the goods and pays the remaining amount, there are 2 payment options:
_ Option 1: Cash payment when the customer receives the goods.
Option 2: Payment by bank transfer.

2 / Delivery policy
+ Eneck Company carries out the delivery of the goods by postage fee for the case of shipment.
+ In the case of the technical staff of Eneck Phat Company who directly deliver and install the goods, they will charge a fee based on the agreement of the two parties.
+ When receiving an order from the buyer and after confirming the purchase information via phone / email, Eneck Company will deliver at the request of the customer:
– Keeping the goods at the Eneck Company office, the buyer will come directly to check and receive the goods.
– Delivery within 01-03 days (depending on the receiving area).
– In case of imported goods, goods will be delivered within 04-08 weeks.
– VAT invoice is issued by electronic invoice via email.

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